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Help with Technical Issues

We are sorry that you are having technical difficulty with our site.

To assist you, here are several applicant questions with resolutions:

Q: I am trying to apply via my smartphone or tablet but am having issues uploading documents. How can I provide this information?

A. Applicants who have had problems uploading documents or performing other application-related tasks on smart phones or tablets have successfully applied when using a PC or MAC instead.

Q. I forgot my password that I created when I originally applied. When I try to have a new password sent to me, I do not receive an email. What should I do?

A. Please check your junk email to ensure the message didn’t end up there. If it didn’t, double check that you are using the same email address that you used when you created your account.

Q. Why am I receiving a “Failed to Process” error message when submitting my application?

A. Be sure you are only using one profile while applying. You may receive error messages if you create duplicate profiles.

Q. Can I have more than one cover letter and resume posted at one time?

A. You can have one resume on your candidate profile in addition to posting a separate resume and cover letter for each positon that you apply for.

Q. I am getting an error when I attempt to save my profile or application.

A. Please make sure that you have completed all required fields in in your profile and the application which are marked with a red (*).

Q. I am an applicant that received an email to login and update my Employment References and I don’t know where to locate those required fields.

A. You need to log into your candidate profile dashboard—Click on the Job Management Tab—Look for the Jobs you have applied for and use the “Action Drop Down” – Select “View / Edit Application” for the position in which your reference are being requested.

Q. I don’t see a spot to just send my resume.

A. All candidates must apply online for compliance purposes—do not just send your resume it will not be considered.

The below list details some other options that often resolve the common issues applicants run into.
  1. Try another browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, etc)
  2. Use a different computer
  3. Clear your computer’s cache and relaunch the browser
Are you still having issues?

Please send an email to Be sure to include the following information in the email:

  1. What browsers have you tried and what are the versions?
  2. Is this your first time applying in our new system (which went into effect June 29, 2016) or are you a returning applicant since June 29?
  3. What action were you trying to take when you experienced the issue?
  4. Did you receive an error message? If so, what did it say?
  5. What was the URL you on when you ran into the issue?
  6. If necessary, how and when should we contact you?

Please provide as much detail as possible. Screenshots would be very helpful too.

We value you as an applicant so will try to resolve your issue as soon as possible!