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Journeys Program Walk-through for West Virginia Teachers

All-In-One Student Book

West Virginia Community Text

All-in-One resource for instruction to meet the rigorous West Virginia’s Next Generation Standards. The text in the student book is authentic and complex, appropriate for close reading instruction.

Features to compare:

  • Analyze the Text Questions throughout the anchor text prompt students to go back into the text, often to cite text evidence.
  • Dig Deeper Lessons draw students back to the text to practice close reading skills using authentic text.
  • Your Turn: Write About Reading provides a Performance Task for students to complete as they write in response to the authentic anchor text.
  • Text-to-Text Questions require students to read and compare text and cite text evidence to support their responses.

eStudent Book

West Virginia Online Community Text

The eStudent Book can be accessed online or downloaded to a laptop or mobile device.  Students can navigate anywhere in the student book using the Contents icon in the top left margin of the screen. They can also highlight, bookmark, and take notes to support their close reading of text.

Vocabulary in Context

West Virginia Vocabulary Cards

Vocabulary in Context Cards in print and digital format provide vocabulary instruction in context, a photographic visual, and Shane Templeton’s powerful teaching routine on the back.


West Virginia MyWriteSmart

myWriteSmart is a digital workspace for students’ collaborative writing, performance tasks, and multimedia presentations connected to the literature in the Student Book. myWriteSmart can be accessed from the student's online library of resources. This interactive tool enables students to collaborate with both the teacher and their peers.

All-in-One Teacher’s Edition

West Virginia Journeys - Dashboard

Just like the All-in-One Student Edition, West Virginia teachers have an All-in-One Teacher's Edition, both in print and online! The print All-in-One Teacher’s Edition has color-coded tabs along the side for each week of instruction as well as Whole-Group Instruction, Small-Group Instruction, Intervention, and English-Language Learner Support. It’s all the instruction you need to meet West Virginia's Next Generation Standards in one place, enabling you to plan for all of your students with one resource. The online Teacher’s Edition is easily accessed from your Teacher Dashboard on ThinkCentral.

Literacy and Language Guide

West Virginia Literacy Language

Literacy and Language Guide is designed to support the use of the Journeys resources such as the Community Text in a Balanced Literacy environment. Shane Templeton and Irene Fountas lead the development of this guide. Some of the instructional sections include:

  • Word Study (Spelling and Vocabulary)
  • Comprehension Mini-lessons
  • Writing Mini-lessons (designed to support Writer’s Workshop)

A complete Leveled Reader Database is located in the Resource section of this guide and can be accessed online. Teachers can search by grade, genre, title, or level.

Journeys Leveled Readers

West Virginia Journeys Leveled Readers

The Journeys Leveled Readers have been designed by Irene Fountas to best reflect the leveling system she created, the Fountas-Pinnell Guided Reading Levels. Each anchor text in the Student Book is accompanied by 5 leveled readers, written on the same topic. Journeys Struggling, On-Level, Advanced, and Vocabulary Readers are intentionally not the same text to give students a rich leveled book library with appropriate text at their exact level.

Leveled Reader Teacher Guides

West Virginia Leveled Reader Online

Leveled Reader Teacher Guides accompany each leveled reader. These eight-page Teacher Guides were created by Irene Fountas to use in a small-group setting for interacting and reflecting on text.

(Tier II) Write-In Reader

West Virginia Journeys - Write-in Reader

For every Anchor Text in the student book, the Write-In Reader contains a “parallel text” written below grade level that focuses on the same theme, skill, strategy, and vocabulary words. This allows teachers to provide appropriately leveled text while presenting grade-level instruction meeting the needs of struggling readers. Be a Detective is a unique feature in the Write-In Reader that takes students back into the Anchor Text in the Student Book. The teaching plans for these lessons are located behind the Intervention Tab in the Journeys Teacher's Guide.

(Tier III) Primary Reading Tool Kit

West Virginia Journeys - Reading Tool Kit

The Primary Reading Tool Kit contains 450 lessons for phonics, word study, vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension, rapidly accelerating progress toward grade-level text.

(Tier III) Intermediate Literacy Took Kit

West Virginia Journeys - Literacy Tool Kit

The Intermediate Literacy Took Kit contains skill cards and blackline masters to provide in-depth instruction in the five key areas of reading. Fiction and nonfiction novel sets provide opportunities to apply skills in context.

Trade Books

West Virginia Trade Books

Trade books offer longer text to build capacity for extended close reading. West Virginia teachers will receive three trade books with each student book. A complete teaching plan has been developed for each trade book.


West Virginia Journeys - Grab-and-Go

A wealth of resources for every lesson, conveniently organized by Lesson

  • Home Letters
  • Weekly To-Do Lists
  • Phonics Practice
  • Vocabulary Word Cards and Practice Activities
  • ELL Practice Activities
  • Graphic Organizers
  • Weekly Assessments & Record Forms (including Skills in Context, Vocabulary, Comprehension, Phonics, and Grammar)


  • Unit Fluency Assessments and Record Forms
  • Unit Reading, Vocabulary, and Listening Logs
  • Writing Conference Forms and Rubrics
  • Instructional Routines


Learn more about the renowned contributing authors for Journeys.

Correlations to Next Generations Standards

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Grade 3 (655 KB) Grade 4 (660 KB) Grade 5 (661 KB)