Take data-driven decision making to new levels by pairing the unique edFusion™ enterprise data platform with unparalleled education knowledge and expertise from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt™.

HMH® understands that educational institutions are unique in the type and nature of data they gather and the ways in which they use that data. Developed with those requirements in mind, the edFusion enterprise data platform delivers a longitudinal data system tailored to state and district organizational structures and their special information, reporting, and evaluation needs.

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One of the most daunting issues limiting effective data-driven decision making is the fragmentation of data that results when educational institutions have many disparate operational databases.  Holding data in multiple sources like the Student Information System (SIS), State Assessment databases, Federal Reporting databases, Finance, Discipline, and more contributes to a system that can only deliver a partial picture of the student at any one time.

As an enterprise data platform, edFusion has the ability to consolidate data from your various operational databases and unify them in a single system designed to provide users with exceptional data visibility and flexibility.

The edFusion enterprise data platform begins with a three-component backbone that is the Core to delivering the quality and capability you have been looking for:

  • Identify—secure, role-based user accounts
  • Foundation—data structure that is tailored to educational needs
  • Integrate—data visibility that sets new levels of quality and ease

Supported by this formidable core of Identify, Foundation, and Integrate, edFusion can provide educational institutions with the reporting, analysis, and other capabilities essential to data-driven decision making that gets results.

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