Our School Performance Program

Charter School Customized Solutions

We know there is a story behind every student, teacher and parent, each with different needs and expectations for learning. That’s why we designed a solution that allows for individualized delivery models (online, blended, and traditional) to address all types of learning styles.

Whether you want to drive performance or develop an exceptional curriculum with research-driven content, HMH offers you the flexibility to adopt instructional products, data, professional development resources and technology in any combination to meet the unique needs of your education strategy.


Advanced technology, including digital content, assessment data, and evolving instructional methods, expands opportunities for personalized teaching and learning.


Assessment and data management tools help educators monitor and support the achievement of every student.


Address your school’s unique needs with an integrated curriculum that is both creative and effective.

Professional Development

Give your teachers the tools for success with on-site implementation training and ensure your program delivers optimal student results.

Our Promise to You

Schools that partner with Houghton Mifflin Harcourt get a program tailored to meet the highest standards of both the educators and the parents involved, which includes the latest materials and techniques for learning. Solutions that will never compromise the mission that your school was founded upon.

Together, we can enable children to grow in their understanding of themselves. Students will learn to question, establish confidence in their choices in life, and experience the sense of accomplishment stemming from individual achievement and responsibility.

In order to meet the demands of a better education in a technological world, look to us as a trusted partner that will work with you throughout the year and for years to come.

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