Common Core

Common Core State Standards

A Fresh Opportunity for Students, Teachers, Leaders, and Parents

Making a successful transition to the Common Core State Standards is as much about the tangibles—comprehensive, personalized curricula; tools and skills for analyzing data effectively and productively; informed staff and leader development; and parental involvement—as it is about the intangibles. It will require the positive energy generated by working together to achieve a common goal and the momentum that carries you from implementation to assessment and beyond.

In Houghton Mifflin Harcourt you have a trusted partner to rely on as you take on this opportunity, a partner who will share the responsibilities that come with achieving all that the Common Core promises. We have created a wide range of content, curricula, and services to support school leaders, teachers and educators, parents, and especially students with this transition—because ultimately your energy is focused not just on implementing the Common Core standards, but on realizing their intent: guiding all students to 21st-century college and career readiness.

Common Core 101 & Assessment 101

If you’re new to the Common Core State Standards, or would like a refresher, visit our Common Core 101 and Assessment 101: PARCC & SBAC informational pages. They provide an overview of the standards, which states are adopting them, and the consortia-driven assessments linked to the standards themselves.

Common Core-designed Content and Programs

Our English Language Arts programs and Math programs have been completely redesigned with the new standards in mind, providing solutions to address your adoption, implementation, and classroom content needs. In many cases, our content and programs can serve as complements to your existing materials, allowing you to make the most of your existing instructional investments. This includes cost-effective teacher and student materials to supplement your learning materials, accelerating a successful roll out of your Common Core programs.

Professional Development and Assessment Solutions

Through seminars, coaching, curriculum audits, classroom-embedded training, demonstrations, and courses, our professional development, assessment, and consultative experts partner with districts and schools to build educator capacity in standards-based instruction. Our teams can deliver standard services or customize programs to meet your specific needs.

Accurate assessment, data collection, and effective, informed analysis lead to better results. Our new assessments, item banks, and data and curriculum management platforms put current and accurate data at your fingertips. We can help you pinpoint exactly what strategies are working so that best practices can be shared across the district.