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Tailored for Your Students

One of the evidence-based characteristics of effective independent reading libraries is that they offer a range of text difficulty levels that are matched to students’ abilities. Gathering student data and assembling a matching classroom library—at every grade, for every school—could be a daunting task. That’s where Houghton Mifflin Harcourt can help.

HMH Independent Reading Libraries offer a tailored selection of books—at the right levels for your students—to encourage independent reading, building students’ reading stamina and confidence. How?

  • HMH Reading Inventory™ identifies students’ reading levels.
  • HMH® experts analyze the data and curate a tailored independent library solution unique to your district.
  • "Just right" books are then provided for your students at each grade level.

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It Starts with Data

A tailored independent reading library starts with data from your district. But how is student reading level data gathered?

HMH works with your district to administer the HMH Reading Inventory. The Reading Inventory is a research-based, adaptive assessment that measures reading skills and longitudinal progress from Kindergarten through college readiness. It can be administered in a group setting in around 30 minutes, 3–5 times per year. The Reading Inventory measures reading growth on the Lexile® Framework for Reading—a scientifically proven tool that measures both a reader’s ability and difficulty of the text at the same time. Learn more about the HMH Reading Inventory.

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Using the results of the Reading Inventory, HMH analysts review the Lexile measures of the students in your district, then curate grade-level collections of books that match the specific reading levels of your students, allowing for reading growth over the course of a school year.

Already have the Lexile measures of the students in your district? We have a solution to meet your needs, too. Review all of our purchase options.

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Our Books Look Like Your Kids

Because they’re based on data from your district, HMH Independent Reading Libraries put “just right” books into the hands of your students. Our libraries are tailored to each school in your district, down to the grade level.

Compare this actual school data to the tailored solution provided by HMH.

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Ready to let HMH tailor and build your independent reading libraries for you? Learn about each of our purchase options, or fill out a short form and we’ll be in touch!

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