family engagement components

...for Families

HMH Family Engagement brings families and educators together in trust-building Learn Together Workshops to improve the academic achievement of English learners. Print and digital resources for families allow for easy access and provide accessible information, strategies, and activities to help English learner families navigate the U.S. education system.


Family Guides

hmh family engagement

Family Guides focus on main topics discussed during each of the five Learn Together Workshops. Available in accessible English and Spanish.


Audio Clips

Audio clips reinforce and support for the Family Guide content.



key to success

Videos are available in English and Spanish and provide scenario-based learning opportunities.


HMH School Talk

tablet hmh family engagement

HMH School Talk academic language app provides instruction and practice with common terms needed in schools. This game-like app is designed for adults with limited English proficiency.


I liked the training. I saw improvement in my son’s motivation to go to school. My son, José, enjoyed the activity of drawing himself in the future. It was good for me to see his projected high school graduation year on paper. I didn’t have this date in mind until it was brought to my attention. What I liked about tracking his attendance and monitoring his homework was spending time with José.
Lucia C. – Parent

...for Educators

HMH Family Engagement gives districts the training, strategies, and tools to develop, implement, and sustain an effective action plan to reach families of English learners. All of the educator materials and resources are also available online for easy access.


Professional Learning


Professional learning delivered by HMH Professional Services provides face-to-face training to administrators, educators, and program leaders to ensure your school is prepared to effectively engage and communicate with English learner families. Online Professional Learning extends and enriches face-to-face training by targeting action plans and sustainability of the initiative.


Program Implementation Guide

hmh family engagement

The Program Implementation Guide provides a wealth of support for implementing a comprehensive family engagement initiative in the district. It includes an overview of the product, talking points, research, and important cultural insights on many English learner populations. These insights give educators deep understanding of the commonalities and the differences in cultural norms that affect viewpoints about their children’s schooling.


Administrator Guide

hmh fam engagement ag

The Administrator Guide includes information on strategies for English learner academic success, English learner assessment, guidelines for effective communication, and rubrics and tracking tools for program implementation.


Educator Guide

hmh family eg

The Educator Guide provides guidelines for effective communication with English learner families, resources, and even talking points for hosting effective Learn Together Workshops with families, as well as materials needed for professional learning sessions. A multi-lingual Communications Toolkit provides press releases in English and Spanish; messages and scripts for outreach; and templates for ads, posters, and handouts.