Built on the National PTA Standards

HMH Family Engagement offers a path for districts to build effective family-school partnerships that result in academic progress. Through its multi-faceted support for English learner educators, families, and scholars, the product delivers a research-based, comprehensive Pre-K–12 resource to address the essential questions posed by the National PTA* Standards:

PTA Essential Questions, HMH Family Engagement Solutions

When families walk into the building, do they feel the school is inviting and is a place where they belong? Do the school’s policies and program reflect, respect, and value the diversity of families in the community?

Does the school keep all families informed about important issues and events and make it easy for families to communicate with teachers?

Do families know and understand how well their children are doing in school and how well the entire school is progressing?

Are families active participants in their children’s learning at home and at school?

Are parents prepared to monitor their students’ progress and guide them toward their goals through high school graduation, postsecondary education, and a career?


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