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Enabling Learning in a Changing Landscape

As a global learning company, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt™ has extensive experience working alongside educators to deliver the highest-quality instructional content. Our focus on providing quality digital content for instruction includes not only providing best-in-class digital content through our site, but also making many of our premier programs available for use in your LMS.

Quality and Confidence

Choosing to use HMH® programs in your LMS not only makes meeting district needs easier, you also have the confidence to know you are providing teachers and students with proven digital content in your district LMS.

Common Cartridge® is available for many program titles in each of these disciplines:


Reading & Literature





Social Studies

Social Studies

World Languages

World Languages

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Increase the Value of Your LMS Investment

With HMH Programs in Common Cartridge, you can easily extend your instructional reach into a blended or online learning environment. Realize the full potential of online learning as you combine the quality content of HMH programs with the personalized learning features of your learning management system (LMS).

Learning Designed for This Generation

At HMH, quality content is the outcome of years of dedication and commitment. Whether you are pursuing Blended or Hybrid learning, Competency Based learning, Personalized instruction, or a full online program, HMH proven digital content provides the instructional resources you are looking for with the flexible delivery options you need.

With HMH Programs in Common Cartridge, you can:

  • Access key HMH program content from inside your district LMS platform.
  • Establish a blended or online learning environment that works for teachers and students.
  • Engage students with first-class digital content.
  • Extend instruction beyond the traditional.
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One Source for Digital Content

Program selection is key to building a blended or online learning environment. Procuring Common Cartridge® for multiple courses from a single source provides efficiencies and reduces the logistical challenges connected with acquisition, integration, and management of content. The many HMH programs available in Common Cartridge cover multiple disciplines, helping you reach district online learning goals more easily while meeting the needs of teachers and students

One Provider for Many Disciplines

HMH has programs available in Common Cartridge in many discipline areas. Whether you are looking for math, science, reading and literature, social studies, or world languages, HMH programs in Common Cartridge provide you with the resources you need to customize content and instruction.

Nowicki Biology
the Americans
Math Expressions

Achieving interoperability

Great content is only helpful as long as you can easily access it, and that is why HMH is a proud contributing member of the IMS Global Learning Consortium. We employ interoperability standards established and defined by IMS Global so that teachers and students are able to access our quality content whether they are logging into our platforms or your District LMS.

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Support and knowledge you can rely on

As a global learning company, HMH Education Services can provide you with the additional technical and professional development services you need to successfully reach your goals.