Carmen Sandiego™ Adventures in Math

Carmen SandiegoAdventures in Math is a five-game series available for Wii™ and available for download through its WiiWare™ service.

Focusing on the iconic Carmen Sandiego, each game takes players on a whirlwind trip through New York City, and other world-renowned locations such as Shanghai and Berlin, to track down the thieves who have stolen The Statue of Liberty.

In each of the games, the player assumes the role of an ACME Detective Agent who is hot on the trail of Carmen's henchmen after they steal one of the world's major landmarks. Game play is designed for children in grades three through five and is specifically aligned to the Mathematics Common Core State Standards for grades four and five. Topics covered include symmetry, identifying angles, graphing, logic puzzles, fractions, solving equations, tangrams, and many more. Players can choose to tackle various puzzles on their own, or collaborate with friends to bring each villain to justice.

The full slate of Carmen Sandiego Adventures in Math games from HMH and Nintendo® include: