Partner with HMH

At Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, we’re committed to bringing about transformation in education. And we’re working with innovative partners to ensure that we are continually delivering our high-quality content in ways that inspire passionate, curious lifelong learners.

About HMH Alliances and Partnerships

With new standards and rapid changes in technology, 21st-century education is quickly evolving toward personalized learning. This means both challenges and enormous opportunities for those of us providing education resources. To meet the challenges of delivering our award-winning content and services globally, interactively, and across platforms, HMH is working to stay ahead of the technology curve—with the help of leading-edge business partners.

Our focus is on partnerships with and for people:

  • Experts who create high-quality content
  • Innovators in technology and education who can work with us to envision and build new learning solutions
  • Researchers who support best practices in teaching, assessment, and data management
  • Students who benefit from it all